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Diccionario Visual Plus, 2nd edition
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Spanish Translation This Spanish translation is a textual translation without illustrations. It is designed as a bridge into the Picture Plus Dictionary for Spanish readers. Entries follow the English word order and are linked by page number for easy access. A valuable extension to The Picture Plus Dictionary.

Picture Plus Vocabulary Individual License
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Virginia McKinney These 800+ illustrated worksheets focus on 1,000 basic words to help students develop English vocabulary skills. They will be presented as printable documents on CD-ROM. Teachers will appreciate the ability to print only those sheets needed rather than having to inventory loose paper products. Study or practice materials begin with pictures and written words, students write the target words (with written and fingerspelled models), hidden words puzzle and alphabetizing words...

The Picture Plus Dictionary, 2nd edn.
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Virginia McKinneyThe practical illustrated dictionary contains literally thousands of words. Organized in English word order, each word is spelled and its proper part of speech is clearly identified. Each word is then accompanied by an illustration of its sign and an English sentence in which the word is used! There’s even an illustration depicting the situation of the sentence! Designed from 30 years of experience in the education of deaf students, this dictionary is truly one of a kind. ...

The Picture Plus Dictionary, 2nd edn. set of 8 copies
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