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Children with Audiological Needs
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Kate Reynolds, Cynthia McCormick Richburg, Diane Heller Klein and Michelle Parfitt Use this reference to answer your questions about assisting children who have hearing loss. Children with Audiological Needs is designed to meet the needs of a variety of professionals who work with these children. Programs in teacher preparation for deaf education,special education, and general education, speech and language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, early intervention, educational...

Introduction to Deaf Education
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Edited by J. Freeman King A compilation of contributions written by experienced educators, this text is the starting place for students entering teacher training programs, professionals seeking a basic reference, and parents seeking a better understanding of issues their teachers will face. Contributions include the major topics to which future teachers should be exposed: Deaf Teachers and Their Impact on American Education of the Deaf, The Deaf Civil Rights Movement, Parents of Deaf Children:...

It All Depends, 2nd Edn.
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Carl B. Williams It All Depends is a text supplement for use in foundations and methods courses. It can be useful in helping preservice teachers make important connections between knowledge and application of educational concepts and principles. Discussing cases and solutions to real problems encountered by teachers places preservice teachers in an authentic teacher role: continuously reflecting on pedagogical decisions to enhance student achievement. Not only are they expected to state what...

No Limits
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Carl B. Williams No Limits is a designed for use in programs preparing teachers to meet the educational needs of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The information will also benefit practicing teachers and other professionals. Applicable for educators of the deaf at all grade levels, this resource examines an array of teaching skills, including enhancing comprehensible communication, selecting instructional models, teaching learning strategies, and increasing student motivation. In...

The Itinerant Teachers Handbook, 2nd edn
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Carolyln Bullard & John Luckner This resource focuses on the skills which a person who takes the position of an itinerant teacher might need that are above and beyond the skills learned to be a teacher in the self-contained classroom. It is a well developed resource that draws from the varied experiences of a steering committee, teachers, students and parents. Topics include: Roles and Responsibilities of the Itinerant • Working within the School • Personal/Professional Lives Foundation for...