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Learn to Lipread with DVD
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Virginia M McKinneyThis DVD provides practice exercises for learning to lipread.

SAS:D/HH Item Analysis
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SAS:D/HH Speech Production Summary
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SAS:D/HH Storybook Screening Recording Sheet
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Speech Assessment System Kit
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Julie A. Hanks and John L. LucknerMove seamlessly from easy assessment to clearly defined teaching goals with this new speech assessment tool. Reliable and simple to administer and score, its uses include: • Developing clear intervention goals and objectives • Monitoring progress and evaluating program effectiveness• Contributing to evidence-based practice • Measuring generalization With a storybook-based screening activity at the core of the process, professionals can profile a student’s...

Spoken Communication, 2nd edn
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Diane Heller Klein The second edition of Spoken Communication updates and expands upon the first edition, including brand new chapters on Assessment and Cochlear Implants, and a greatly expanded instructional strategies chapter with more suggestions for eliciting specific speech sounds and more suggestions for older students. Spoken Communication supports the instructional best practice of using a multidisciplinary team approach to develop spoken communication skills. (Teachers, speech...

Student Speech Record, 2nd edn (set of 10 copies)
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as described in Spoken Communication. Also in its second edition, the Student Speech Record has been totally revised with progress monitoring for IEP updates. This assessment tool is described in the Spoken Communication text chapter on Assessment, along with examples. It is in a folder format to be used as part of a portfolio or for ongoing evaluation.Packaged as a set of 10 folders. ...