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    Carl B. Williams.

    It All Depends is a text supplement for use in foundations and methods courses. It can be useful in helping preservice teachers make important connections between knowledge and application of educational concepts and principles. Discussing cases and solutions to real problems encountered by teachers places preservice teachers in an authentic teacher role: continuously reflecting on pedagogical decisions to enhance student achievement. Not only are they expected to state what they would do but also why.

    This casebook consists of five chapters:

    1. Communication Issues
    2. Literacy Instruction
    3. Content Instruction
    4. Learner Differences
    5. EducationalPlanning

    Each chapter has three case studies which reflect issues involved in teaching students who are deaf. The cases represent situations relevant to prospective teachers in grades K-12. The specific scenarios are drawn from direct experiences as a classroom teacher, observations of inservice teachers (as a consultant and curriculum specialist), and observations of preservice teachers (as a teacher educator).

    Each case contains a scenario, reflection questions and extension activities.